Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blaise Time Capsule Letter

To be read on or about April 4, 2060 concerning the assembly that is known as Blaise Baptist Church.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am not at all confident that it is even legal for you to assemble and read this note today. But some one hundred years ago on the property that was a portion of the Frost Family Farm, a people of God began to assemble on a week to week basis. This was an unashamed, visible assembly of baptized believers that met for the purposes of worship, fellowship, teaching, ministry and reaching their community, county, state, country and the world with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. This assembly followed the dictates of the Holy Bible, which is the very Word of God without error and right in all that it teaches.

The story of Blaise Baptist is not a story of buildings and land acquisitions but about a body of believers that took God at His Word. It is not a story of programs but rather a story of people. It is the story of the likes of men of God such as Rev. Alvis Cheshire who served Blaise Baptist faithfully in her early years as a humble, bi-vocational pastor who preached the Word of God and saw the need to make preaching a central component of Blaise. It is the story of the Angell family and the Whitaker family that provided many of the people of integrity, hard work and faith that caused Blaise to emerge from being a God-sized vision to a powerful reality. The history book in this box tells the story of many that gave of themselves then of their resources as an act of faith believing the establishment of this assembly to be the very will of God for their lives. Blaise’s story is the story of people like Rev. Eddie Driver, David Harris, Dave Desnoyers and Loyd Rollins that we’re loved, pursued and prayed for by the Blaise Baptist family and eventually traded dope for hope turning from sin to serve Jesus Christ without shame. Due largely to the faithful effort of Verious Angell , it has been true for many years that the grass is always greener at Blaise Baptist. He does this task as unto the Lord and there are many more like him who plod along in faith doing some much needed task that contributes to the whole of Blaise Baptist. Time will not allow me to expound upon the music ministry of Blaise’s own Regina Chandler, whose beautiful, meek and gentle spirit permeates the air of worship as she goes about the task of working with people who are off key and pre-occupied at times to bring glory to God and she does it. What could I say of Russell Angell (grease on the axle), Mark and Gwyn Jones (Davie Pregnancy Care Center), Larry Bailey (first face you see) and I have yet to find a human or machine that can keep up with Van Fagan (Good Life ministry).

It is no stretch for me to state that Blaise Baptist is becoming better known for who she sends than for who attends. This is the evidence that though Blaise is not perfect, God has honored her efforts to follow Him and to make His name known. Mike and Debbie Drayton and Serving Him Ministries, Martha Rollins and Lori Hayes and First Love Ministries, Rev. David Childress and Carmen, Rev. Tim King and Wendy who serve among us now, Rev. Steve Angell, Rev. Alex Sain and Lindsey in Wyoming and Dean and Jerri Sain in Montana, David Boone currently in Brazil, Scott and Julia Whittaker currently preparing to go to Sudan. There are many others that are serving whether lay leaders in our church such as Paul Stapf and Disaster Relief or David Monsees serving with Campus Crusade for Christ at NC State and the Lord knows they need all the help they can get at NC State! Though Blaise Baptist has always had a seed of emphasis on world missions her sending heart was powerfully nurtured under the effective teaching and pastoral ministry of Rev. Glenn Sellers in his 17 + year tenure as Sr. pastor of Blaise Baptist. It is with great satisfaction of spirit that I can say that Blaise’s tradition of standing firm on the authority of Scripture and all that it calls us to do and be is continuing through the capable preaching and pastoral ministry of Rev. Timothy Wolf and his handsome and wise assistants, Jeremy Amick and Ken Furches.

For all I know you are reading this note with malice or contempt. As it may well be that the buildings that Blaise once assembled in have been torn down and attempts to suppress the name of Jesus Christ have brought persecution upon His people in our once great country. If that be the case then so be it, it is as God has said. But let it be known, dear friend that you have not destroyed Blaise Baptist Church for she was not established by the work or wisdom of mortal men but by the will and the Word of an all-powerful and eternal God that the wonderful name of His son Jesus Christ might be glorified through her for all eternity. And it shall be. If the buildings are gone then she has simply relocated possibly into the very presence of the Lord that sustained her and loved her and will present her spotless one day without wrinkle or blemish before the throne of God…………..Friend, there is a book in this box, it is known to God’s people as the Holy Bible (Blaise Baptist loved and believed this book) ……take this wonderful book in your hand and peruse its pages, sense it’s transcendent truth and power, inform yourself of its teaching. You will find that it has assessed well the dark human condition and the brokenness of this world but you will also find that it holds out hope to all that find themselves despairing, comfort to those that are hurting, help to those that falter and strength to those that are weak amid all the chaos-corruption-suffering and darkness there is a forever burning light and a help………read well the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and make yourself very aware of the beauty of Jesus' cross, the finality of His burial and victory of His resurrection from the dead…..Jesus died and rose again because He loves you! Read Romans 3:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 6:23 and Romans 10:9-10. This is the story of Blaise Baptist Church-------a people redeemed by the precious blood of the holy Lamb of God. I am not sure about all that goes on in heaven……..but I know that it is entirely possible for you and I to spend eternity together in a glorious state with Jesus Christ. I’ll be looking for you………If I have anything at all to do with my clothing….I will be wearing a worn and frayed Florida State hat and a Youth 4 Jesus t-shirt with blue jeans and tennis shoes. I’ll be hugging my family, facing the throne singing loudly---you’re welcome come on over and join us. And if it is appropriate, there are many more stories about the beautiful people that were Blaise Baptist Church I would love to tell you.

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