Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Merely A Whipser

“These are just the beginning of all the He does, merely a whisper of His power. Who then can comprehend the thunder of His power?” Job 26:14

I have been suffering quite a bit lately. Not the persecuted type of suffering but the oppressed type that is self-inflicted to a degree. I have grown complacent and run-of-the-mill concerning my faith and following of the Lord Jesus. When one finds themselves in such straits, Job is a great book to read. Misery loves company! But as John Piper points out in, “Let the Nations Be Glad,” Job is not about misery. He is acknowledging the absolute necessity of real worship of the One true God. When there is pain, struggles, suffering and strife in a person’s life these tend to consume the thoughts, motives and actions of that individual. True worship means that even these things must be subordinate to the exaltation of God in our lives. That does not mean that we ignore the pain and struggles, it simply means that we acknowledge a greater purpose for the events in our lives. Worship is doing everything for God’s glory, even suffering. When we see the painful, confusing and contentious events of our lives as God’s work in our lives then our response can be true worship, submitting of our life to God’s will so that He is glorified in it. He alone is worthy. This whole matter, the matter of life, the universe, existence, service and destiny is about God, not about us at all. God is working all things to the end that He is exalted and glorified. Our best course is to praise, honor and adore Him who alone is worthy even in the midst of sorrow, suffering and hurt. The alternative is become more self-centered than I already am and bitter of heart. Arrogantly, we begin to think that we deserve better or we have gone through quite enough. We can rest assured that we are going through nothing that has not been sifted through God’s good hand as it concerns His glory. And His glory is the one thing that is needful and beneficial for all. Just prior to Job 26:14, Job acknowledges God's sovereignty over His creation by pointing out a few of the things that God has done and is doing. “He hangs the earth on nothing, wraps the rain in His clouds and they float in the air though they are heavier than the air, set the boundary between day and night, the underworld stands naked before Him, the sea becomes still at His command, the dead tremble before Him, He has given wisdom to the ignorant, saved the weak in their distress, enforces peace in the heavens and ………….” “And these are only the beginning of all that He does, merely a whisper!” Job states. Job was getting a sense of perspective on His situation. Yes, he was in pain and sorrow. Yes, he could be bitter and obstinate toward God but he chose rather to acknowledge that God’s glory was greater than his pain and that put things right where they belong. It may not have changed the situation but it changed the person and that is what God is all about. Helping us regain our focus on Him because that is what is most important and most beneficial. Everything else is a means to that end.

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