Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who fixed it?

It was red, four door and in pretty good shape to be 8 years old. The mileage was about right for its age. The owner told me all about the maintenance, miles per gallon, tires and recent inspection. So far everything was adding up to this being a pretty sweet deal. Right before I could ask a price, he cut me off and said, "There is one thing that I want you to know before I will sell it to you, this car was totaled last year in a head-on collision." He went on to state that they had it repaired even though the insurance company had pronounced it not worth fixing. It immediately changed my whole perception of this deal. I decided to walk away without even asking the price.
When I got home I called my dad and told him about going to see the car and about the owners confession of it being wrecked. I ended with saying that I didn't even ask the price after I found out the truth. Dad responded with, "Who fixed it?" "I don't know, I didn't ask," I answered. Dad explained that the question is not how much damage was done but who fixed it. There are certain tradesmen that you can trust to do a sound job when fixing wrecked vehicles. In some cases the car could even be better off than before, dad remarked.

I have had some head on collisions in life. I have run off the road and bent some rims. I have failed to stop at times and bumped people unintentionally, nonetheless damage was done. Fenders dented with unforgiveness, door panels wrinkled with guilt, the whole left side scraped with shame and anger are some of the most visible damage that has occurred. Damaged? Yes. Done? No. The damage need not define the person but the let the restored product speak well of the Restorer. We are broken people. But the question is not what kind of damage has been sustained but WHO FIXED IT? No damage is too great and every time Jesus does the repair the person is better off than before. Thanks Dad! Great question, "Who fixed it?"